4 thoughts on “Improving Veteran Students’ Sense of Belonging at UC Santa Cruz”

  1. Julie your presentation is filled with depth of heart and understanding in seeking to uplift the need for belonging among veterans in higher ed (U.C. Santa Cruz). I, truly appreciate you and your tenacity, care, and willingness to speak up.

  2. Julie, you did a fantastic job! You effectively took an issue that you have personal experience with and are passionate about, and effectively applied your MPP skills to deliver strong analysis and thoughtful recommendations.

  3. Your findings are very similar to what I witnessed first hand at another neighboring UC. Well done! Creating community is so important, and the lived experience of older students, when in close contact with other groups with vastly different experience, creates unexpected relationship difficulties and conflict.

  4. Julie, your recommendations are invaluable and thank you for aligning your qualitative interviews with concrete ideas to improve the sense of belonging for veterans. Your research is focused and you got the voices you needed. I can see you building upon this research in your professional positions; maybe a PhD?

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