6 thoughts on “Representation of the Latino Community in Redistricting”

  1. Dulce: Seeing this project come together was so cool. I enjoyed hearing your updates throughout the semester and it’s projects like this that highlight why policy analysis is so important. You truly add value to this work and the conversation overall by consistently bringing your full self to the table. I’m happy to have shared this space with you.


  2. Dulce, you did an excellent job with your poster and your MPR sounds very interesting and valuable. You did a great job of packing a lot of content into your poster, without having it feel busy or overloaded. As usual, your work brings insightful analysis with style.

    1. Thanks, Michael! I could not have done it without the listening ear and endless reviews of our cohort. You are appreciated!

  3. Such important work Dulce! Proud to see how far you’ve come since your undergraduate years. Its great to see that Ethnic Studies lens shining through your public policy interventions. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

    1. Chinyere Oparah! Your comment is highly appreciated and valued. Ethnic studies grounds my policy analysis and have appreciated that invaluable lens in all the work I do! It’s great to see you honoring this work!

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