Dear Ms. Woodley

By Shanalee Gallagher, MPP Candidate 2018     Dear Ms. Woodley, I’m writing today to address what seems to be a pattern on your Instagram feed. While I don’t mean to persecute you personally, your recent activity is an irresistible example of the newest trend of colonization, activist appropriation. Appropriation is when individuals take something … Continue reading Dear Ms. Woodley

Fracking Impacts California Water

Kacey Bills, MPP 2014 #Whatthefrack? This catchy hash tag is circulating social media sites in support of Californians Against Fracking, a coalition of environmental organizations across California. The campaign seeks to have Governor Brown ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” as an oil and gas extraction method by November 2014.[1] Currently, fracking is … Continue reading Fracking Impacts California Water

Fulfilling California’s Responsibility to Provide Clean Water

By Kacey Bills, MPP 2014 When I was a child growing up in Fresno, California, beach weekends were common over the blistering summer. My family always headed to the Central Coast on I-5, making a halfway pit stop in Kettleman City to get chocolate milkshakes. My anticipation for the sugary treat would be at its … Continue reading Fulfilling California’s Responsibility to Provide Clean Water