4 thoughts on “Transformative Pathways: Identifying a Model for Financial Advancement and Overall Wellness of Children and Families in Richmond, California”

  1. My this analysis brings to light the very impressive needs that exist in underserved communities and the power of organizations in these communities to actualize approaches to build health and wealth. My, you have a voice and it not only draws the attention of others but it carries with it the thoughts and passions connected to your values.

  2. My, this is an excellent poster and I’m confident your client will be very pleased with your MPR as well. You always bring valuable perspectives to class and often say the things everyone is concerned about, but are just unable (or unwilling) to put words to. Best of luck finishing out the program!

  3. My,
    Great work on your poster and presentation. BBK embodies everything you believe in and I can see that your interviews gave your MPR more depth. I cannot wait to see where you go professionally!

  4. I’m excited about your community wealth building framework. Important now more than ever as the pandemic devastates communities of color economically. Its been amazing to see you grow throughout your time at Mills, and this work really speaks to the gifts you will bring to the world with your Mills education!

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